Maintaining Water Quality in the Rocky Mountain Region

Rocky Mountains on a Clear Day

We are DEWCO, welcome to our new blog! Before we get into a little of what we do, let us first talk about water.

Although water is so essential for life and that it is almost everywhere we look, including oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, and more, we do not think about it all that much. We are so used to it being around that we never really question its availability or quality. That ingrained lack of awareness, however, might be changing, in large part due to the California drought – and how the media is covering it.

Let us just look, for example, at this Mercury News article. Paul Rogers writes, “Hope to hose down your driveway one day? It might never happen again. Even when California’s historic drought finally ends, many of the water conservation rules put in place this year to cope with the emergency may be here to stay.”

Long story short, because of the drought, Californians and America as a whole are more conscious of water conservation. We think about water more. In other words, we are now reevaluating how we live our day-to-day lives, if we are wasting anything. This reevaluation also deals with the quality of water. That is just one of our jobs at DEWCO as we proudly serve the fluid control needs of the Rocky Mountain Region, which we have been doing since 1974.

Simply put, we are a distributer of controlled fluid control products like metering pumps and ball valves, and we support many different industries, including oil and gas, power, chemical, water treatment, wastewater treatment, automation, HVAC, cooling towers, boilers, mining, manufacturing, biotechnology, food and beverage, brewing, wineries, environmental, and much, much more.
For our first blog post, we want to focus on water quality, because from October 26-30, we had a booth at the Wyoming Water Quality & Pollution Control Association (WWQ-PCA) Annual Conference, where we were busy conferencing and conducting pump training sessions.

What is the WWQ-PCA? Well, according to the WWQ-PCA’s Facebook Page, “Wyoming Water Quality and Pollution Control Association works to design training opportunities for Wyoming water and wastewater system operators.” The WWQ-PCA is responsible for increasing the proficiency and productivity of Wyoming water and wastewater system operators. This is essential in maintaining quality water statewide and in order to educate these water workers, the WWQ-PCA relies on organizations like DEWCO to provide equipment and training sessions, and we are happy to play a role in that process.

Helping various industries maintain a high quality of water is just one of the jobs we do at DEWCO. Stay tuned with our blog, thank you for checking it out!