The Importance of Wastewater Sanitation for Microbreweries

Brewing Your Own Beer

Water quality matters. In fact, it matters more than that; water is essential to our health and well-being, and is one of the first steps we can take to bettering the environment, bettering the world around us. Of course environmental concerns comes first in terms of water quality and our health is intertwined with that, but water quality is an important part of certain businesses so much so that if the water quality is bad or improperly managed, that business can sink rather quickly. One such industry that is quickly rising in prominence is microbreweries. In some cities around the country, it seems a new microbrewery is popping up every week or so. It is that booming. Did you know that the glue that holds many of these microbreweries together is water quality?

According to Keith Gribbins of Craft Brewing Business, “Water quality is at the forefront of brewing. Not only do craft brewers use water to make their delicious beer products (in millions of barrels per year), but the sanitation of wastewater effluent is an enormous part of the environmentally conscious brewing business.”

Yes, out of all the rising industries in the world, microbreweries are the most environmentally conscious, but there still major areas that can be improved, with still many small breweries not monitoring their wastewater going down the drain. In other words, there are no treatment programs in place and there is no pre-treatment of the wastewater going down the drain. Although some microbreweries feign ignorance, the industry as a whole is aware of the sanitation of wastewater problem understanding the connection between it and large-scale business success. Vinnie Cilurzo, brewmaster at Russian River Brewing Co., says, “From an operational standpoint, it, along with a handful of other pieces of equipment, is the first thing I check in the morning. If your wastewater is not operable, your brewery is not operational.”

Those are some strong words. It seems then that wastewater is the lifeblood of the microbrewery business affecting the surrounding community and world at large. If the wastewater sanitation equipment is not adequate or somehow not operational, the brewery will quickly collapse under the weight of poor water quality not to mention negatively affecting human and environmental health.

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